Кухня из массива дерева

New solutions

This kitchen made of solid wood is a bright representative of the design based on the loft and functionalism.

You can see the maximum using of space in the photo. For example, retractable work surfaces, and a lot of free space.

The light artificial tabletop match well with the shade of wood and complements the light walls and ceiling. The light artificial tabletop blends well with the shade of wood and complements the light walls and ceiling. A garniture made in the form of handle-pipes also fits well into the overall composition.​

Classic of
wooden kitchens

This option allows us to show our skill level. Classic corner kitchen with sophisticated decoration and gold leaf.

The kitchen is made in the form of the letter “n” and has two angles that have functionality. In the left corner are shelves for the kitchen, and in the right – access to the bin and space for the washbasin.

The light color of the kitchen visually increases the space. Such a design will never lose its relevance.

Home, sweet home

The design of this kitchen from solid wood was implemented in a country house. This is a place where you can spend a cool cozy evening with the whole family. Such a kitchen is very practical and certainly not afraid, for example, if someone strongly rests on the table.

The photo shows that the refrigerator is lined with wood, so as not to get out of the picture. Despite the corner of the kitchen, all the space was used fully. In the corner of the kitchen there are pull-out shelves for utensils. Pens and other headsets are made “antique” in order to achieve the necessary atmosphere.

Modern minimalism

In the interior of this kitchen there is a whole shades of beige: floor, tiles on the wall, our furniture, countertop, and other decorative elements.

The kitchen from the MDF is equipped with: stove, oven, built-in dishwasher and refrigerator.

Despite the external simplicity, the kitchen is equipped with accessories of European quality, which makes it not only durable, but also convenient to use.

Other kitchens

Look at our work: quality wooden furniture for kitchens made of solid wood. We can make kitchens for you in any design: loft, provence, modern, country, minimalism, scandinavian, italian and classic styles. Our furniture made of solid wood will be the perfect complement to your interior.

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