Wooden bedrooms


Beauty in simple

We made this bedroom of solid wood in the style of minimalism. This design full of relevance: the natural solid wood and the laconic form.

We made the head of the bed from a solid wood trunk. We also contained lamps in the bed to give the room a special atmosphere at night. The bed has built-in pull-out lockers that work when you push them. The second tier of wardrob can also be opened by pushing.

Classic of
wooden bedroom

This bedroom contains genuine artistic value. The skill level does not need additional comments.

At the head of the bed are an artistic drawing and two carved statuettes in the form of birds: an owl and a falcon. Drawings in the same style adorn the foot and pedestals.

It is a real pleasure for us to implement such projects. We understand that we do exactly what we should.

Pure Art Nouveau

The interior of this solid wood bedroom plays with contrasts: a dark room and light furniture. This combination allows you to achieve a good result.

The bed is made of genuine leather and inlaid with decorative stones, the brilliance of which plays in the sun. The legs are made of wood using silver leaf.

Wardrobes in the bedroom are divided into two blocks. The block on the right, in order to avoid overloaded with details, we made using push-out systems. In the same way, we made the shelves of the bedside tables​, the table of the working area and the cabinet on which the TV is located.

Other bedrooms

Look at our work: quality wooden furniture for bedrooms made of solid wood. We can make bedrooms for you in any design: loft, provence, modern, country, minimalism, scandinavian, italian and classic styles. Our furniture made of solid wood will be the perfect complement to your interior.

We work in two ways and we can offer you to implement the project from your designer or we can help to make the project with you if you work without a specialist.

You can order our products in Ukraine, the EU and North America. You can specify more detailed information by contacting us in a way convenient for you.